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Updated: May 27, 2019
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Anne Byrd's Cookery CAV Jacket, Sides 1/2
Earthquade CAV Open Top Box, Sides 1/2, 3/4
The Great Waldo Pepper CAV Side 5
Airport '77 CAV Open Top Box, Sides 2/3, 5
The Greek Tycoon CAV Sleeve, Sides 3/4
Heroes CAV Open Top Box, Side 5
Blue Collar CAV Open Top Box, Sides 3/4, 5
Melvin and Howard CLV Jacket
Deliverance CLV Sleeve, Sides 1/2
Looking for Mr. Goodbar CAV Sides 1/2, 5
Saturday Night Fever CAV Jacket, Side 5
Love Story CAV Open Top Box, Sides 1/2
Heaven Can Wait CLV Jacket
The Sting CAV v1 Open Top Box, Sides 3/4, 5
The Sting CAV v2 Open Top Box, Sides 3/4, 5
The Sting CLV Sides 1/2
The Hindenburg CAV Side 5
Psycho CAV Sides 3/4, 5
The Day of the Jackal CAV Sides 5/6
Family Plot CAV Open Top, Sides 1/2, 5
Frenzy CAV Open Top, Side 5
The Birds CAV Sleeve, Sides 3/4, 5
The Seven-Per-Cent Solution CAV Sides 1/2
Rollercoaster CAV Large Open Top, Open Top, Sides 3/4, 5
Three Days of the Condor CAV Side 5
Jaws CAV Side 5
Jaws CLV Jacket, Side 3
Midway CAV Open Top Box, Sides 1/2, 5
Gray Lady Down CAV Open Top Box
Jaws 2 CAV Side 3/4, 5
The Choirboys CAV Open Top Box, Side 5
Smokey and the Bandit II CAV Jacket, Sides 3/4
Prom Night CLV Jacket
Shenandoah CAV Open Top Box, Sides 1/2
High Plains Drifter CAV Sides 3/4
Joe Kidd CAV Open Top Box, Sides 1/2
MacArthur CAV Open Top Box, Side 5
Fellini's Casanova CAV Sides 1/2
Coal Miner's Daughter CAV Jacket, Sides 3/4, 5
Coal Miner's Daughter CLV Jacket, Side 3
American Graffiti CAV Jacket
American Graffiti CLV Jacket
Slap Shot CAV Jacket, Side 5
National Lampoon's Animal House CAV Sides 1/2
National Lampoon's Animal House CLV Jacket
The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings CAV Open Top Box, Sides 3/4, 5
1941 CAV Jacket, Sides 1/2, 3/4
The Jerk CAV Jacket
The Blues Brothers CAV Jacket, Sides 3/4
The Blues Brothers CLV Jacket, Sides 1/2
The Incredible Shrinking Woman CLV Jacket
The Four Seasons CLV Jacket
Thoroughly Modern Millie CAV Side 5
Jesus Christ Superstar CAV - Mono Sides 3/4
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band CAV Open Top Box, Jacket, Side 5
The Wiz CLV Sides 1/2
Duel CAV Open Top Box, Sides 1/2
The Marcus-Nelson Murders CAV Side 5
Battlestar Galactica CAV Side 5
The Lost Weekend CAV Sides 3/4
If I Had a Million CAV Sleeve
Going My Way CAV Open Top Box, Sides 3/4, 5
Ruggles of Red Gap CAV Open Top Box, Sleeve
Ma and Pa Kettle CAV Open Top Box, Side 3
Animal Crackers CAV Sides 3/4
Dracula CAV Open Top Box, Sides 1/2
The Incredible Shrinking Man CAV Side 3
Greek Cooking with Theonie: Spinach Pie / Stuffed Grape Leaves CAV Open Top Box
Julia Child: The French Chef - Quiche Lorraine & Co. CAV Open Top Box
The Romagnolis' Table: A Roman Family Dinner CAV Open Top Box
Gene Littler's Golf CAV Sleeve
Swimming: Freestyle and Backstroke CAV Sleeve
The World at War: Genocide CAV Sleeve
Loretta CAV Jacket
Neil Sedaka: In Concert CAV Jacket

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Updated: May 27, 2019
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