©1981 Magnavox Consumer Electronics Company

Catalog Number 07-562
Format Standard Play CAV

Standard Play Version

Pressing Location DiscoVision Carson
Label Color Magnavision
Retail Price
Year Issued 1981
Side Chapters Frames Running Time
1 38,271 21min 16sec
2 1 47,078 26min 09sec
1 85,349 47min 25sec
Video Transfer
Audio Transfer
Large Open-Top 
Side-Open Sticker 

Pressing Notes

The demonstration for Magnavox VH-8000 Videodisc player is a real work of art. It's been included here because the discs were pressed by DiscoVision, although it was fairly late in the game. What makes no sense is why Magnavox would put money into promoting a disc player that was clearly out-classed by the Pioneer VP-1000, which was introduced a year before this disc was produced. By the time this disc was produced, Magnavox had discontinued the VH-8000 and was selling the VH-8005 player.

The first side is basically a sales pitch by Leonard Nimoy. At the time, Mr. Nimoy was under contract with Magnavox as the spokesman for its products. The side is a 10½ minute presentation with the actor of Star Trek® fame talking to a buzzing/flashing rock. And if that wasn't enough insult, the program repeats again to fill out the side. Side 2 is a more technical demonstration on Chapter 0 conducted by Nimoy again, sans rock. It's perfectly acceptable for consumers as well as sales persons. Chapter 1 (the second program) is a "how to sell Magnavision" lecture by Diane Fischer and Willie Allemang. Two of the most moronic sales people ever, who were supposedly heading up the Magnavision sales drive. It's clear why Pioneer got most of the business.

The disc itself is kinda entertaining the first few times viewed. The transfer is from videotape and uses those new "golly wiz bang" computer graphics so popular at the beginning of the 80s. Of the two copies viewed for this report, both were very acceptable and free from most DiscoVision type anomalies. Then again, coming so late in the DiscoVision era, one would expect a decent disc now and again.

What really seals this discs fate is the letter which was enclosed inside the jacket. A scan of the letter is on the right, and with good eyes, you might be able to see it. Here is the transcript for the less able of us.

Magnavox Dealers:

When using part two of side two of this Magnavision Demonstration Disc for sales training, please note that there is an error on the first point made on the comparison chart between Magnavision and RCA SelectaVision.

Additional testing since the demo disc was produced has shown that the RCA discs do not suffer any wear from continual playing.

We would appreciate your advising your retail sales personnel of this correction.

Thank you,
[signed] Kenneth C. Thomson
VP and General Manager
Magnavox Operations

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