Pioneer LD-660 Pioneer introduced the 2nd generation of LaserDisc players in 1981. The LD-660 was the "base" unit, for those that just wanted linear simple playback without any of the special features. It has no preference for MCA or Philips code, so it will spin up and play anything it can synchronize. Perfect for playing GM discs and troublesome titles like Frenzy Side 5.

Gas Tube Pickup Assembly The player incorporates a variable tangential circuit which helps compensate for time based correction errors more smoothly over the course of the entire disc. The tangential correction is accomplished with the use of a 2nd pivoting mirror. Some of the last units made in this model line were re-calibrated and optimized for CLV playback, which renders it a bit more stupid for CAV discs. This can cause laserlock on some "less than perfect" CAV discs.

On startup of a disc, the pickup will simply begin playback from the players inside limit setting. This can cause some problems on older CLV titles (Columbia Pictures Stir Crazy) where the player will refuse to play the beginning of a side.

632nm HeNe Laser
Ignores disc based codes for Auto Picture stop, End of side, beginning of side, etc.
Will play MCA Code GM discs in "free-form" mode
No frame / time / chapter display
No search functions

Updated: October 24, 2017
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